TAEKO KATO Exhibition

Illustrated Stories~Postmani with her colleagues

14th (Tu) April 2020~17th(Sun) Apr 2020  12:00~19:00(last day up to 18:00)

Taeko Kato is a story teller, she is doing story telling for some decades , its activities are called "OTOE GATARI".

"Oto" means sound, "E" is paintings and "Gatari" is story telling.


You can imagine what she is doing from this name.

If you can see her website , you can recognise she is telling Japanese stories and abroad's one.

She said "Postmani" is perhaps Indian story, it is first time to show.


The story telling will be held at Deepdan on 14th and 15th April.

Starting time is 18:30.

Please welcome.