To check the space, please see video!

Deepdan is in third station "Ikenoue" from Shibuya by Keio-Inokashira line.

Measured Drawing of space
Please download if you need measured drawing.
gallery spacej実測図.jpg
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You can check photos.

This is the broadest wall.

How to put the can enjoy it!

You can serve tea or coffee.

How can you use this space?

This space is only purpose of exhibition or lectures. No staying.

  When you would be use this space, always the owner will be here.


★Space rental expenses

¥15000×<rental days>+▲1days. (▲=Expenses for preparation, the owner helps your concepts to interpret to Japanese for advertise and to be setting up for paintings.)


★ Period of the space lease

From at least 2days to maximum 6 days.


★ The Opening hours

From 12 pm to 19 pm.


★How to Pay

 Cash, Paypal ( Please pay 7days before your exhibition)



If you cancel the reservation, You have to say before 1 month, if you will be late, it will be charged. 


★Distribution of revenue

If your paintings will be sold,

You can get 80%, Gallery gets 20%.


★After Exhibition

Please clean the space after exhibition.


★Gallery will pays following expenses,


 Tea and coffee which is served for guests.  


▲If you would like to hold opening party, You will pay for them.


 ★Preparation and Tidying up


You and the owner,  doing preparation and tidying up together.   


★If you have any questions, please contact.