Welcome to Gallery Deepdan!

Meaning of "Deepdan" is  dedicating sacred fire to God.  It is Hindi word.    The gallery's image of  "Deepdan" is  sacred hearth.                                                  The space of "Deepdan" makes them relax and feel free, then between creators and visitors have reliable communication and whoever visit to "Deepdan", they get energy for tomorrow.

         Gallery Deepdan has started from Dec 2013. There is an intention for opening it.The owner of "Deepdan" has studied in India from '92 to '95, after coming back to Japan, the owner continuously used to traveled in India and any other places for 25 years.                                                                                           


         The reason of studied in India was to watch in folk arts in villages of India, just like Mithila and Gond arts. After that the owner had photo exhibition in Japan, and now also working as videographer in Japan. If you get inspirations from your journeys, you began to make your own paintings, crafts and taking pictures ...etc..  Welcome to "Deepdan". "Deepdan" is the Gallery for loving travels.


You may have passions expressing  yourself for visiting many countries and  meeting various people, you can share the images here which you got them from trips.  The theme of gallery is "Travel" and "Expressions". "Paintings","Photos","Video works","Crafts","Story telling" and"Lectures", no limits what you express. Deepdan helps your life journeys  through your own expressions which you got in your trips.