How to get to Deepdan?

《From Ikenoue Station》


①   Closest Station is "Ikenoue", it is third station from Shibuya St. by Keio-Inokashira Line.

②   There is two gate in Ikenue St, Please proceed to North side.

③   Then you can find a small super market, its name is "My basket", after passing the super market,  there is Italian restaurant.

④   You can turn right  at the crossroads, the side of Italian restaurant. After turning the crossroads, there is a Japanese noodles restaurant and  a hair salon. After passing the shops, you can see the small cross roads again the side of coin parking.

⑤   You can go to left the crossroads, and please go to straight for 100 meters.

⑥   There is a Chinese Chiropractic Clinic on the right side, in front of the clinic, you can get "Deepdan". 

The Map
You can print the map for Deepdan.
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