Deepdan Exhibition Archives(2013-2019)



・2019/ 9/ 6~9/9

『Parvathy Baul Wood Cuts Exhibition 2019』(Wood Cuts Prints)



『Earth Traveler~Yasuko HIgashizono Going around Naga Land』(Photos)



『Attention to India again  Amane Honda』(Paintings)


・2019/ 5/21~5/26

『Travelling the cosmic space Hiroyoshi Takeda』 (Paintings)


・2019/5/2~5/12『Infle/Ction』Shigemi Yokoyama (Paintings)



(2018/ 3 Glass Paintings in India)



『JInichi Kurame's Exhibition&Talk Going to the villages  in Indian Tribals』(Paintings)






・2018/12/7~12/9『Cosmic Space is born from the fingers  Hiroyoshi Takeda 』(Paintings)


・2018/5/5~5/13 『Parvathy Baul Wood Cuts Exhibition~Alternative face of Parvathy』(Wood Cuts Prints)


・2018/4/10~4/15『The Soul of Gond Paintings~Jangarh Singh Shyam with his families』(Paintings)


・2018/4/3~4/8『Trans/Cend』Shigemi Yokoyama (Paintings)



『Forgotten Icons Concluding volume』(Indian Glass Paintings)


・2018/3/11『Earth Traveler Yasuko HIgashizono Going to North eastern Part of India』(Photos) 


・2018/1/18~1/23『The scenery and people of Northern Iraq』Kosuke Tamura (Photos)



・2017/ 12/9&17

『Feeling of Mongolian Galss Fields~The songs of Altay range』HIdenori Umeki(Songs・Playings)



『Hiroyoshi Takeda Exhibition~Mt.Mangala』(Paintings)



『Encountering Bengal ~Sakurako Abe 』(Photos)


・2017/ 10/8

『Bauls, Goddess and Yoga~Takeshi Ito』(Lectures)



『Poems of Tagore and Bauls~Kyoko Niwa』(Lectures)


・2017/ 8/26~8/31

『Mother Land of the bauls in Golden Bengal~Akira Io』



・2017/ 7/2~7/6

『Paramita2017~Flowers and People Gaps between India and Japan Tomomi Sato』







・2016/12/2~12/11『The Door to India Hiroyoshi Takeda』(Paintings)


・2016/7/6~7/10『Paramita~Loving Maya  Tomomi Sato』(Paintings)




・2015/ 12/3~9  『India's dot』Hiroyoshi Takeda (Paintings)


・2015/10/18『Japanese Traditional Kado Workshop Ritsuko Takamori』(Kado)


・2015/7/29~8/2『Hitofure~Taro touching the east  Shigemi Yokoyama 』(Paintings)


・2015/7/20『Japanese Traditional Kado Workshop Ritsuko Takamori』(Kado)


・2015/7/12『Loving vegitable Meals』Masala wala & Asia hunter (Events)


・2015/3/14『Feeling of Mongolian Galss Fields~The songs of Altay range』HIdenori Umeki(Songs・Music)


・2015/2/19~3/1『Tibetan Tanka Exhibition Kenji Babasaki』(Budhism Paintings)




・2014/12/18~23 『The Life style and scenery of Mongolia   Fumoko Kimoto』(Photos)


・2014/12/18~21 『Chandmani ~ The searching  origin for Homi』Takeshi Kamei (Screening documentary)


・2014/12/3~9  『The Full images for India  Hiroyoshi Takeda』 (Paintings)


・2014/5/5~11『White Summer of Mongolia~Mongolian nomads with their cattles』 松村裕子(写真)



                                               『Forgotten Icons 』(Indian Glass Paintings)


・2014/4/6&12 『Feeling of Mongolian Galss Fields~The songs of Altay range』

                                                                    HIdenori Umeki(Songs・Music)


・2014/1/18&25 『TAKATA MOMOKO  

              Let's have auspicious foods for new year in Eurasia Continent』(Events)




・2013/12/5~15『Living with Muslim women in India~the World of Mikiko Shibahara』(Photos)